Cush Clothing Co.
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Our Brand

“The Cush” is defined as a dirt curb or edge formed by speedway cars running the same line around the outside of a corner.  “The Cush” is arguably the trendiest and most spectacular line on a race track that is highly desired that encompasses a high level of skill and ability to pull off. It’s what everyone wants to see and to be seen doing, which represents Cush Clothing Co perfectly.


Cush Clothing is Australian Owned and operator clothing brand established in 2019 by Ryan and Liesa Harris. Cush Clothing is operated out of Toowoomba in Queensland, however ships apparel globally.


It’s a trendy and popular brand that is brings a fresh, new image to speedway / event apparel.


We specialize in our own range of apparel and don’t do custom orders or design work.